Lohri 2017 Shubh Muhurat Auspicious Puja Timings & Vidhi

Lohri is the festival of love and Joy and widely celebrated in the state of Punjab. The festival is celebrated in Punjab but other in countries where Punjabi communities in abundance like in australia, canada, united states, Lohri is still celebrated with great joy and happiness. On this day we are posting Lohri 2017, Shubh muhurat timings, Puja vidhi for lohri celebration 2017. Get the auspicious timings for lohri celebration to purchase house, car, vehicle, property, and other auspicious ceremonies. Below we have mentioned Lohri 2017 Shubh Muhurat Auspicious Puja Timings & Vidhi.

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Lohri Shubh Muhurat Auspicious Puja Timings & Vidhi 2017

Lohri 2017 Date:- 12th Jan 2017

Lohri Day:- Friday

Lohri Shubh Muhurat:- 15:52 PM TO 17:04 PM

Total Muhurat Duration:- 2 Hours and 12 Mins

Lohri 2017 Shubh Muhurat Auspicious Puja Timings & Vidhi

Lohri Puja Vidhi

On Lohri people gather around bonfire and make wishes for their dear one. They also dance (Bangra and Gidda) with friends and family to celebrate lohri with great jot and happiness. It is the custom to eat Gajak, Sarson da saag with Makki di roti, radish, ground nuts and jaggery (Gurr) on Lohri. There is no accurate puja vidhi for lohri but people celebrate it with dance and eating sweets with friends and family.

Note:- The timings mentioned here are posted as per as IST (Indian Standard Timing). For Lohri Muhurat timings in Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, USA, please check your local timings. Last but not the least, Happy Lohri 2017 to all of you.

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